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Welcome to CoinPower.io. We are a bitcoin website and community that offers methods and tips on how to earn bitcoin online for free. Sign up with us today, registration is 100% free and you can start earning free bitcoins with us instantly. Our community forum is also very helpful and active with our members, come join us and have a chat and share ways everyone can earn more bitcoin.

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Sign up for free today and start earning bitcoins. Every member gets 250 FREE coin power added to your account. This will allow you to earn 5,000 satoshis per day for free!

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Our website is fully secured with 256-bit SSL at all times. Our site is built from the ground up to ensure security at it's best possiblity.

Google authenticator is also available if you wish to further secure your account by enabling two-factor authentication that we recommended.

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Join our online bitcoin community and earn free bitcoin prizes. We host contests and giveaways and also feature a currency called "PowerCash" which you earn by participating in our community forum.

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May 6, 2016

Western Union invests in Digital Currency
Western Union, the company which not so long ago was mocked by bitcoiners for their timid remittance services has invested in Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group, one of the most prominent investment funds... Read Full Article »
May 4, 2016

Bitcoin and Gaming
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April 27, 2016

Bitcoin for Beginners
Bitcoin is digital money that can never be turned into printed form like notes and it can never be frozen. A beginner just examines gold coins during money transaction. It facilitates money transaction between... Read Full Article »
April 21, 2016

Latest Announcements and Updates

Support Desk and Forum Online

March 8, 2016
Our support desk is now available, you may contact us via the support desk by submitting a ticket. Also be sure to join our community forums.

Power Doubled Up!

March 8, 2016
We have decided to double up the power units for every member from 125 up to 250. This means all free users will effectively earn double the rewards from us.

Google Authenticator Available

March 2, 2016
Google authenticator is available if you use the mobile app for two-factor authentication. Don't enable this unless you have the application or else you may block your own access from your account.

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